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Lamar Odom Has a Sex Addiction and Has Slept With 2, Women sex 2000 women

Four years after he was found unconscious as a result of a drug overdose at a Nevada brothel, former NBA champion and Khloé Kardashian’s ex-husband Lamar Odom revealed he has a sex addiction and has slept with more than 2, women. Specifically, he said he “couldn’t keep my d.

“There were too many strippers to count,” the troubled ex-NBA star and Kardashian spouse wrote in his new book acknowledging his sex.

Former NBA forward Lamar Odom wrote in his new book, Darkness to Light, he's had sex with more than 2, women. "I am a sex addict," Odom wrote in a memoir excerpt released to Aili Nahas of People ahead of the book's May 28 release. The year-old New York City native said the.