How to Shave Pubic Hair - 6 Simple Steps to De-Fuzz - how to get a close shave on your vagina


How to Shave Your Pubic Area in 12 Steps for Women how to get a close shave on your vagina

The key to down-there shaving is proper preparation. "You want to trim your pubic hair down a bit," Shays says. "Just make sure you're pulling.

If it's shaving your body hair entirely, that's great too. If you are taking off most of your hair, a vaginal shield, the Va j-j Visor will offer you.

Let's get one thing straight — there's no one right way to deal with pubic hair. You can leave it how it grows, shave it into a cool shape, wax it off completely, trim it a little bit, or something else entirely – it's all fine. Razor bumps and irritation and painful vaginal nicks.