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According to Reports:Actor Steve Mcqueen Was Bisexual And Gang Raped | Lipstick Alley shelly winters bill holden sex liaisons

William Holden passed out after making love to her, but they got together Given such breathless revelations, it was no wonder that when Shelley Winters, 58, Shelley faced “the cattle calls, the sex goddess roles, the fear.

Hollywood superstar who rose from screen victim to matronly sex symbol The wiser woman, Shelley Winters, who has died of heart failure . She ended up in bed five times with William Holden after Christmas studio parties.

Shelley Winters, a blond bombshell of the s who evolved into a West, Winters was once lumped with such sexy starlets as Marilyn Monroe. . And who would ever have told of other liaisons — some brief, some lasting many years — with William Holden, a same-time-next-year Christmas Eve kind of.