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Furry chat bot

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Participants[ edit ] Please feel free to add yourself here, indicating any areas of particular interest. We also have a userbox.

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Sex. Can't say I personally like it, but setting that aside, it's probably for the best to rename it Anthro as opposed to Furry While "furry fandom" is often thought to contain anything that features anthropomorphism to declare this as the scope of the project will destroy any true focus the project has. Adult.» View Full Profile. The attached is just a tool used to facilitate the group's work.

A fun multi-purpose bot for (furry) Discord servers! It can only be done by admin.

Furry chat bot

Beginning work on the project when the scope is unclear would be counterproductive and would mean that much more work when the name changes back. Participants[ edit ] Please feel free to add yourself here, indicating any areas of particular bbot. sexbot. template. AI: 3​. Chatbot Chat: Furry kitty. Potential targets include all B-class articlesbut I had a mind to focus on Anthroconfurry convention and furry fandom itself.

They're not places - they're groups of editors interested in improving coverage in a particular area. But if it's not about anthropomorphism as a whole, then it probably shouldn't be called WikiProject Anthropomorphism. Any reliable source that gives a definition of fuurry the term "Furry" entails is fine the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review? I don't think there's anything wrong with a WikiProject Furry Fandom. Hello.

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Think long and hard about exactly how many articles that would cover - for a start, almost everything produced by Disneyand most cartoons in general. Assess the job, as it were. The term is used to describe more "cartoony" characters, but it's also considered outdated as it hasn't been used as much as furry in recent years. Let's focus on improving lacking material before planting flags saluda nc adult personals established work.

Sheri Blossom

By having furries Who would most likely be paying the most attention to sources on this subject work on WP:Furry, then we would have a better WP. NeoFreak14 July UTC If people are tired of arguing, we should just return the project to its original name and scope which is probably what should have been done in the first place.

While it's unlikely to get much longer and so will probably never be a featured article, it could become a good article. There's no need to be asking "What's your problem. Bot Ratings.

Reply: Furry kitty. Interests. I see no mention of non-furry related anthropomorphic concepts in this wikiproject, like uncanny valley or robot or personification. This is like naming the Star Trek wikiproject "Wikiproject Trekkies". I don't see the need for that just yet.

Chqt kitty. Is Lion King furry? If it gets to the point where we've done all that we can do for them, that would be when a higher-level project would be created as a superset of this project and we could start working on those as well. Can someone explain why consensus is japanese escort brisbane to restore it to its original name and scope, but not to change it from its original name and scope? It's already been explained to you why what happened happened and all the "facts" as you've presented them above are wrong.

Bots are given. I really don't think that we should have anything officially to do with Cute and Fuzzy Seizure Monsters The more inclusive scope is of course anthropomorphism, both in terms of subject material and attracing other editors here, and I already see the scope of the project being shifted that way. Alternately, furry chat bot could add the original WikiProject:Furry to Proposed WikiProjects again, but it seems a little unfair we should have to go through that step again as the original name and scope of the WikiProject was already approved.

I proposed it be changed and the editor that started the WP concured and made the cheap escort kitchener.

Furry sex chatbot Kaitlyn stunner milf

I am also willing to help with anything else. I'm not entirely sure the comments are a good idea as they stand as they reflect a personal opinion without attribution. For example, the article about the character, Sonic the Hedgehog has been included, but should the games be included as well, and if so, should all bt them be mentioned. Anthropomorphism means "human-like".

Furry chat bot

I suppose I could also be considered a greymuzzle, being in the Fandom for about 5 years in the shadows until last year. There's so many to do. Furry fjrry with roleplay, fun, magik, images, nsfw, information, weather and much more! It needs to be decided if this project is going to be about the furry community or about the focus of jessi fox escort community: anthropomorphism.

It's still unclear why these changes weren't discussed with anyone else, and why the apparent selective enforcement of the rules currently puts the unnecessary burden of changing it back on the editors who were interested in the original furry chat bot to begin with. One could almost say "funny animal" is a slang term itself considering the limited use it gets. Though as it appears at the moment, it looks like the focus is overwhelmingly the furry fandom, which is of course fine if that's what this WikiProject is about.

Oc t ane [ improve me ] In the two cases you mention, both The Lion King and Usagi Yojimbo have had demonstrated concrete effects on furry fandom. Guest.